Specialist Consultants

in Passive Fire Protection


The advancement of the passive fire protection industry has brought new challenges to many building owners and the construction industry professionals. 

You understand that a fire in your building could mean total devastation and you are familiar with the basics of fire suppression (sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc.), but now is hearing about this “new”  passive fire protection requirements and its high costs. Passive fire protection is not new and it is what contains the fire at its point of origin, preserving your property and most importantly lives.

Therefore, you must be looking for specialized specifications and planning of Passive Fire Systems for your buildings or projects to reduce costs and take the risk of non-compliant systems away. 


We are here to help you understand the passive fire solutions you need! 

All protection measures must be designed, specified, and installed for the building is to behave as expected in a fire event. The outcome of a poor design can be budget blowouts and project delays. This can result from poor planning and specification or rework of installed systems that do not comply with codes and standards. 

By having a proactive approach our company aims to provide a cost-effective Passive Fire design and system that allows the running of a smooth project.

Going beyond "You can't do it!", and showing "How it can be done!".

With Macedo Consultants, you will have the confidence of having a passive fire protection specialist on your side, keeping your project always compliant and within your best interest. We understand a project is not built alone and considering that we aim to provide a service with honesty and fairness, not just with our client but with all parties involved in the process.

We value our reputation, which is built on providing compliant passive fire solutions with professionalism and efficiency. It means that for us doing the right thing and being fair is above any other interest. There is always a win-win situation for everybody, and we can still get to the best solution.