We provide a range of services to cover the entire project lifecycle, and we can assist with quality control through construction monitoring, Inspections, destructive testing, and final sign off for Passive Fire Protection installations. 


During a project, doing the best installation and delivering the best service is essential, but for the sign-off and final approval, the best service is worth nothing if you cannot demonstrate it. We can assist by providing advice and helping on the assembly of the documentation. 


By providing construction monitoring, we can supervise the progress of the project and raise any issues. Quick identification saves money in wrong installations, rework and inspections and also avoids more significant delays on your programme.


Macedo Consultants can provide independent inspection services to Project Contractors to identify problems before project handover. We can provide this service as part of a project team which may differentiate the contractor during the bidding process.



We ensure compliance and accurate cost-effective designs and solutions by specifying only approved products and systems for the passive fire penetrations in your project.




We inspect your building and provide accurate reports prepared by specialized technical team that includes non-conforming or missing passive fire protection systems and detailed recommendations for remediations.



We empower your workforce when it comes to confidence in passive fire knowledge by providing training and education not only in fire stopping installations but also understanding all the legislation requirements.


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